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Learn more about our ambassador Shauna Bannon, MMA fighter, 2021 Kickboxing World Champ and
6-times Kickboxing European Champ. Discover how CBD has help her in her journey.

Who is Shaunna?

Shaunna is 27 years old, her hobbies include all types of martial arts kickboxing, BJJ, judo, wrestling, boxing and lives in Dublin.

"I started MMA as I was my mistake really I wanted to just do BJJ but I ended up doing MMA class and fell in love with it. I’ve done kickboxing since I’m three so I have a lot of striking experience which is great for me now doing MMA.

I love MMA it’s so addictive you are constantly learning and development and it’s always challenging me which I love. It’s my therapy!

My dad was my kickboxing coach and I’ve travelled the world representing Ireland for many years I’ve multiple world and European titles and almost 30 national Titles in different kickboxing disciplines. Martial arts has always been a huge part of my life and always will be. Hopefully, my son Jayce will follow in the footsteps of me his aunty and grandad 👶🏼🥋

When did you start taking CBD?

I start taking CBD just after I stopped breastfeeding, when Jayce was 12 weeks old.

I am new to CBD but one standout benefit I noticed helping me sleep.

When did you start taking CBD?

MMA is a high intensity/impact sport so it is a lot on the body. CBD relaxes the muscles which is huge help.

Would you recommend CBD for training and recovery?

100% yes! - My son is getting a lot better at sleeping for longer at night, but my body was still used to the regular wakes.

When I started taking CBD I only had wake up calls from Jayce, no extra ones. I was very chilled.

It for sure helps me relax at night especially after evening sessions when I’m full of adrenaline. Sleep is one of the best types of recovery so CBD is for sure helping that.

What are your 3 favourite products from Naturecan?

1. CBD oil 10%: I take it before bed
2. CBD clay face mask: GORGEOUS! Leaves my skin super smooth
3. Brownies amaze for a lil treat ☺



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